What Is a Social Media Essay – The Main Aspects and Points

What Is a Social Media Essay – The Main Aspects and Points

The contemporary world is overloaded with various information. Its impact on humans is huge and can be either positive or negative. There are many informative online sites which allow communication thanks to comments, picture sharing, dialoguing, and even the statistics of likes and dislikes shows people’s attitude towards many things. Social media essay usually can touch upon advantages and disadvantages of things. For example, using of the Internet for communication and information exchange.

Today people use social media not only for personal communication and to share some information but also for business and propaganda. The communications network plays a great role in a person’s self-development and self-realization. Networking helps people improve communicative skills and have abilities to solve a great number of life problems.

The most popular services are:

  • Facebook (more than 2 billion users)
  • WhatsApp, YouTube, and Messenger in Facebook (more than 1 billion users)
  • QZone, QQ, WeChat, and Instagram (more than 500 million users)
  • Twitter, Tumblr, Skype, Baidu Tieba, and Sina Weibo (more than 300 million users)
  • Pinterest, Viber, Line, SnapChat, and Reddit (more than 175 million users).

These services make communication and news learning easier. They help users find new friends and connect people from different corners of the globe. Lots of those who use social networks for their business also use WordPress Maintenance Service to monitor and optimize processes.

It’s a well-known fact that those who control information can control the world. People find major data on various networks, share it, interact discussing it, and even change it. That’s why a lot of academic papers are devoted to social media, its benefits, and negative influence.

Social Media Essay Topics to Keep in Mind.

One of the most important things in social media essay writing is to find a good and popular among website users topic and to reflect it in the paper. During the last years (since 1970), an Internet user’s preferences in social media essay topics have changed (Trending Topics on Technology). Social media orients to data that most individuals search.

These are 15 most significant topics:

  1. The role of networking in the life of contemporary society
  2. How social media assists in business development.
  3. Social media: the best platform for cyberbullying.
  4. Advantages and disadvantages of using social media at school/college/university, etc.
  5. Is it possible to cope with social media addiction?
  6. Are social networks effective in solving human health or life problems?
  7. How people use social networking during calamities
  8. Is online purchasing on various trading websites safe? How to find a proper online store?
  9. Does a social site provoke “live” communication problems in people?
  10. Are influential people, celebrities, and politicians recommended holding public accounts? Why?
  11. Highlight the point of a user’s privacy on social networks. Is it risky to post individual and intimate information or not?
  12. In what way can the government monitor a user’s information given in social accounts.
  13. Does social media improve or spoil family relationship?
  14. Does social networking increase the number of employed people and decrease the level of unemployment?
  15. Analyze and compare the life before and after social media.

Best Social Media Essay Titles for Students

The next step after choosing a topic is creating a proper title. It must be catchy because a student’s aim is to attract the reader’s attention. It is not difficult to choose social media essay titles. There are several tricks on academic paper title writing:

  • Think of catchy words for your introduction (keywords, citations, wordplay, etc.)
  • Make it more specific (not “Social Media Essay” but “Social Media Essay in Creating International Image of the USA”)
  • Consider your essay type (argumentative, narrative, persuasive, etc.) and use the words which correspond to it, like “facts”, “proving” in case it’s a persuasive one
  • Title equals short summing up (it means that your title must describe your whole paper with the help of a few words)
  • The title should consist of not less than 4 but not more than 9 words

Here are 5 examples of good titles:

  • “NetDrugged”: Reasons and Treatment of Social Media Addiction
  • “Blue Whale” or Social Media Killer
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Facebook
  • Impact of Social Networks Remonstrance Organization on Human Consciousness
  • The Role of Social Media in War and Peace Creation

Persuasive Essay about Social Media

The main point of a persuasive essay is to persuade the reader that your idea or belief is logical and worthy. Some samples of writing a persuasive essay about social media can help to succeed.

See the example below:

I consider social media to be harmful to schoolchildren under 17. Kids’ consciousness is unstable and unverified or controversial data can lead to poor consequences. Today online games full of cruelty and violence occupy networks. First of all, let’s remember the world-famous game “Blue Whale” that was created in 2016; its creators looked for depressive kids and sent them tasks during 50 days. On the last day, a child was to commit a suicide. The worst thing is that everybody knew about the danger of the game but still went on playing it.

One more negative result of social media impact is that more and more people become addicted. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks take most of people’s time. In addition, a great number of Internet users create their own channels on YouTube trying to get virtual friends and subscribers and forgetting about real communication.

According to an American psychologist Aric Sigman, kids degrade when spending much time online. A virtual life can make a person socially isolated, lonely, and depressed. Such way of life may negatively impact a person’s health condition and lead to cardiovascular diseases, memory loss, and cancer, in the future.

Negative Effects of Social Media Essay.

Despite the fact that networking is very helpful in communication, psychologists and sociologists claim that there are many negative effects which one can describe in a social media essay. Some of them even lead to the lethal end.

Using social sites can be threatening nowadays. People can visit various sites via tablet, phone, or computer that has access to the Internet. Some websites have no age limitations and any child can watch “adult movies” or videos with violent content with one click. One more negative factor is that children note their address, telephone number, and other private information. Such data looks very attractive to pedophiles and maniacs. According to the statistics provided by R. Murray of NY Daily News, approximately ten percent of all children’s virtual friends are fakes.

These networks are open to hackers and the government can monitor them as well. Cyberbullying is also a serious problem that doesn’t have its end. Earlier people were bullied at places like schools, colleges, and work. Today they become victims even at their own home. Contemporary digital devices allow making videos which a person can post on a blog or on YouTube. A lot of such videos humiliate an individual’s dignity and provoke suicides after becoming public. Unfortunately, neither the so-called best friends nor internet users inform the victim’s relatives about the bullying.

Pros and Cons of Social Media Essay

Writing a pros and cons of social media essay one should give some convincing examples. Read an extract from 8 pages of a pros and cons of social media essay below:

If a person uses social media responsibly, then they are not dangerous and even beneficial. On the one hand, Facebook, WeChat, Viber, or WhatsApp let people communicate with each other, share information, distribute news, and avoid loneliness or even save lives and relationship. Today a great number of volunteers create accounts trying to help sick people or those who suffer because of poverty and weather disasters like earthquakes, volcanic eruption, tsunami, and tornado.

There are also online communities which give psychological and informative support. Social media helps to find missing people. NY police have created nearly 150 Twitter and Facebook communities since 2014. Such searching is effective due to more than 2 billion of active users. The existing number of users turned out to be excellent tools for business development due to analyzing clients’ feedbacks and searching items.

On the other hand, cyberbullying, kidnapping, victimization, and hacking cases increase daily. Those who monitor our personal data can make a virtual bomb and use it to create a default, war, and other political and social disputes (Nissenbaum, 1998).

Social Media Argumentative Essay

A social media argumentative essay on technology allows you to participate in the existing debate. The only thing you need is to support this or that idea.

Austin McCann says that the social media service supplies every Internet user with virtual interaction and impacts negatively the real life. He states that common website users often don’t differentiate between the real and virtual world. An average teen spends approximately 4 hours networking every day.

Negative messages, comments, dislikes, pictures, videos, and news lead to teens’ stress and depression. In addition, teens spend more time indoors and acquire health problems. By the way, teenagers get body injuries staying online and crossing the road or riding a vehicle at the same time. Some of them don’t survive.

So, to write an essay on this topic can be really challenging for a student. It requires both personal and general data to be reflected in the paper. Such academic paper helps students realize the positive and negative role of networking in the human life and even prevent addiction to it.