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How to Write an Article Review: Useful Tips

Posted at 04/25/2017 by NerdyMates

There are times when students do not need to use articles as the primary sources for their essays or research papers. There are times when teachers ask them to prepare a quality article review of the scholarly, academic, or scientific article.They do it to see how well a student can find related art...

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What Is Definition Essay All About

Posted at 04/05/2017 by NerdyMates

To begin with, here is some good news for students around the world: there is nothing difficult about writing a definition essay. As you can guess from its name, it’s about simply explaining a particular word or phrase. However, it is not enough to provide the meaning of the word.No matter whether...

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How To Write An Outstanding Rhetorical Analysis Essay?

Posted at 03/29/2017 by NerdyMates

If you are a high school student and you have chosen AP English course as your main language, you’ll most likely have to pass an AP English exam. When you write an exam, you have different tasks. To meet the requirements of the exam, you should write three various essays. And the rhetorical analys...

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Why Do Writers Quote Other Writers?

Posted at 03/14/2017 by NerdyMates

It is every good writer’s obligation to quote other sources in order to provide evidence for his arguments. Quotations prove that the student has read the recommended book from cover to cover. Quotations serve as the examples of the selected pieces of information related to the main paper’s idea...

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Bad College Essays: Top Six Mistakes You Must Avoid

Posted at 03/08/2017 by NerdyMates

You may get a professional application-essay coach or college paper writer to have a personal statement completed according to the standards of your target university. Another way is to use some of the effective tips on writing admissions essays for college discussed in this blog. Make your persona...

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Paper Writing Secrets: How to Work with Your Essay Introduction?

Posted at 02/16/2017 by NerdyMates

Essay introduction is the most crucial part of any academic (and not only) paper. It is the best part to grab the attention of your target audience. It is especially important to learn how to write a great first paragraph in case a student is planning to become a famous journalist, blogger, or copyw...

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How to Write Essay Bibliography in Different Academic Styles

Posted at 02/02/2017 by NerdyMates

It seems that writing an essay is not the biggest deal for the students any longer. Most of the young people confess that most of their problems are associated with developing a bibliography. We would like to remind you that this part reflects the information on the sources used or cited throughout ...

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