How Did I Manage to Write a Happiness Essay?

How Did I Manage to Write a Happiness Essay?

Like almost every student in the world and other people studying, I get through writing a good (if possible) happiness essay. For some reason, many students get sad or get scared a little, when they face such a task about happiness, thinking about it as a problem, but let me support you. There is nothing hard or complicated in our world, just try to concentrate on writing about happiness, what makes you happy. Listen to my advice to create a good text.

I'll talk about how I managed to write a good happiness essay; it can be material or spiritual for a person in her/his life. I prepared an example of a task on happiness.

Getting Rid of Distractions While Writing an Essay on Happiness?

Since you're here, tell me a little secret. Do you postpone stuff for later? Does this sound familiar?

  • "Mom, I'll wash the dishes later"
  • "I'll go to the store after I take a good shower"
  • "I'll do this later, I'll learn that late, I’ll do pages later"
  • "Now I'm going to eat, get some energy, & then write this task as good as I can"

Did you recognize yourself? If not, it's very good, because, you can control yourself and focus on writing about happiness, & if yes - welcome to the club! When the teacher gave us the assignment to write an essay on happiness, my thought was "Well, okay, I'll come home, I'll eat & surf the social networks for an hour & write about happiness. In the evening my text will be ready."

Do you think the material was ready? In the evening I did not want to do anything, not even talking about making it good or telling about things, that make me happy in my life. Why? I postponed the text about happiness and its material gathering for later. When we get a similar task on this topic the next time, I tried to change the tactics.

When I came home, I decided to have a quick meal to become energetic & happy (when I eat, I am happy, it’s okay). I decided to give myself 2 hours for accomplishing a task, and later do all the other things. I turned off the notifications from the apps & people on the phone and tried not to use it. I stopped convincing myself that I urgently needed a new food portion or a new series’ episode “right now” in my life. This way I managed to write a happiness essay quickly.

I tried to get rid of everything that distracts, whether those were things or people. If you want, I have an alternative option - online writing services; order the task, pay money - it will make your life easier. People, who engage in copyright custom writing will help you.

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The Topic Selection

Some people say that it is difficult to follow the structure of a college text on happiness and another person can have problems following the limit of the word volume. To me, it seems important to be able to choose a suitable topic. The teacher can give you a general one; you need to choose something specific & build your text on it.

Happiness is the definition, from which you can get to many directions of life. If you want, write about what happiness is and how it can manifest itself in the lives of people. If you want, write about the fact that happiness is different to every person. If you want, write about what makes you happy or about what makes another person happy. There are a lot of options! I wrote about what makes me happy, personally. Choose the one, which makes you write from the heart and the soul.

Why Use Linking Words

Teachers attach a huge importance to these linking words. You already spend time writing about happiness, why not use them? It’d be better for everybody.

With their help, people make their texts on happiness full & more connected to all of the parts. It is easier to link the sentences in the text and to make it look harmonious and easy to read or understand. Use such words & your reader will read your happiness story in one breath.

Jumping Over the World Volume

My friendly advice: do not try to jump over the word volume, that is required in your state of happiness task.

I faced the fact that I was not able to follow the required number of words for my happiness paper. I did not pay any attention to it. However, many people have ideas to write as many words as possible. Listen to the advice. If you have the required size of the text in your assignment, follow it. "The more, the better" does not work here, you will get a worse grade for non-compliance. Do less, but let it be of high quality.

Summarizing, Which Shouldn’t Be Neglected

Now I lay out everything for you on how to manage to write essays on happiness. Here are the material, or so-called points, that you must follow to write a good essay, that works today:

  1. Сarefully get acquainted with the requirements of the tasks on happiness (the same word volume, for example)
  2. Get rid of all the things, that distract you & get straight to the material & paper creating
  3. Pick a specific topic on which the text will be built (here ‒ what material and spiritual things make you happy in your life and this world)
  4. Follow the structure and formatting type of your assignment
  5. Use such tricks as linking words, interesting, but at the same time, simple words, unusual comparisons, & your own viewpoints
  6. The last: write from the heart. People have an ability to feel it

A sample of an Essay on Happiness

Just as I promised, I prepared for you a simple sample of an essay about happiness in the world in the end. Here it is. You can read other texts that were written by writers on topics like this and the others. Scroll down to read mine.

Falling in Love and Enjoying the Present

What is happiness in our world? To love, to have a purpose to achieve, to breathe, to have a job and material prosperity, to be free, to live? Everyone has their own one, no matter what others say.

To feel happiness in our own world is when you see invisible wings behind you when you smile at every person & every ray of the sun, when the feeling of delight & joy overwhelms you, sometimes it can even drive you crazy, in a good way, of course.

A sense of falling in love is what makes me happy. There are priceless things in the world - health & well-being of my family or wealth; being in love comes to my mind as completely different feelings, which has nothing to do with material. Remember how you felt.

When there is such person out of 7 billion people of the world population, which makes your daily mood off of the negative, that is incredible. One thought about that person can cheer you up and make you smile at all friends and every single flower on the street.

When I start catching feelings, as falling in love, I say to myself: "In fact, it's not that important, how well it goes on, I live here and now, and I like what I feel because it makes me happy and brings me satisfaction. It is another question, whether it is mutual or not. If not, don’t worry and stop suffering, it's always about the experience & memories, and if yes, it's very great. There is one another couple in the world, that should feel comfort and happiness together."

It is scary to meet a person you like. I would not believe, if you said, you did not feel nervous, when meeting such a person. This is my happiness and how I feel great. What am I leading to? If you like someone, enjoy what you are feeling today. In any case, the outcome promises to be either pleasant with a common future, or useful with life lessons. Here, do not think ahead, enjoy your feelings now. Catch the happiness. It is always there.

I hope, the article was helpful and my so-called tricks for writing about happiness will help make it clear to you. Teachers will love your essay. I advise you to add funny or interesting stories from life to make the text more saturated & the reader could see you in that as a person with own life, opinion and things felt.