150 Cause and Effect Essay Topics + Valuable Tips for Young Writers

150 Cause and Effect Essay Topics + Valuable Tips for Young Writers

Did you know that the effect of panda extinction could be dramatic for the humanity? What may it lead to and why? A student may explore it one of the possible biology cause and effect essay topics. If you get lucky and the teacher does not assign a particular topic, the best idea is to stare at the cause and effect essay topics list offered by our professionals to pick one.

Students, who need some good cause and effect topics may turn to this article or save it elsewhere to use in the future? Do you need more help? It is possible to order a full solution to homework assignment on any cause and effect topics – hurry up!

What is a Cause and Effect Essay?

Every student should start with observing the question, “What is a cause and effect essay?” The answer is simple: it is a form of academic paper writing, which aims to reveal the way different things, events, or people are interconnected and the features that do not make them alike. Good cause and effect essay topics stick to the alogical pattern: after the writer comes up with powerful topics for cause and effect paper and corresponding outline(s), the paper will be done on time without any specific obstacles. Having a plan is half the battle!

Initially, students face the topics to write a cause and effect paper at the high school level and introductory writing courses later, in college. Several steps exist to draft a paper on the best cause and effect topics. The main goal is to show the way one thing leads to another and specify the circumstances.

How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay: Smart Tips & Tricks to Help You

To explain how to write a cause and effect paper, it is important to consider the basic tips and tricks experienced students and writers use.

  1. Make sure you choose a topic related to the field of study, with up-to-date, interesting information available online.
  2. Collect evidence from the primary sources. Read more about evidence-based research here. Those are books, e-Books, magazines, newspapers, scholarly articles, research papers, documentaries, websites, interviews, etc. exclude sources older than 5 years from the list.
  3. Develop an outline to have an action plan.
  4. Include a hook sentence. It could be an allegory, a joke/anecdote, a simile/metaphor, an interesting fact or statistics, a famous person quote, etc.
  5. Use transition words to show the connection between the paragraphs (because of, in addition, due to, if, whether, however).
  6. Check the latest writing style manual. Format the final draft, including citations and references, according to the last edition of the chosen writing style guide.
  7. Check spelling, grammar, and punctuation with the help of free online editors or professional writing & editing services.
  8. Read helpful guides like this one.

So, what are some cause and effect topics? It is time to observe our top list!

Funny Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Choose one of the funny cause and effect essay topics to make the audience laugh!

  1. Actor’s copycats
  2. Pimples not limited by time
  3. People pretending they are dumb
  4. Pet training failures and fun episodes
  5. Impact of poison ivy on the human organism
  6. Logic & toddlers
  7. Using bananas and fruits/vegetables of the similar shape in sex education (gender studies)
  8. Is there any connection between science and flirting?
  9. How do clowns make the balloons fly?
  10. How does it feel going shopping with a jock?
  11. The correlation between men’s income and dating
  12. Hermit crabs
  13. Having a toilet paper on your shoes: ways to wiggle out of it
  14. The way baking became wrong
  15. Tripping on the shoelace: funny effects

Historical Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Pick one of the historical cause and effect topics to prove your knowledge of the past.

  1. Hitler’s rise to power: main influence on the history of humanity
  2. Compare & contrast religions of different nations and their impact on their representatives
  3. Proofs of Homer existence (his impact on further development of mankind)
  4. Explain why legends about Vikings exist; their impact on the historical events
  5. The Dark Ages role in the history of humanity and their real meaning
  6. Positive & adverse effects of Civil War in the United States
  7. The Salem Witch Trials significance for the history/development of feminism
  8. Numbers 4, 6, and 13 in religion: true or false?
  9. The invention of electricity: how meaningful was it?
  10. Was the war on drugs effective through ages?
  11. The contribution of feminism in different political movements
  12. The Cold War impact on the relationship between Russia and the United States
  13. China’s one-child policy as the way to prevent economic crisis
  14. Correlation between history, religion, & politics
  15. World War II causes & effects

Technology Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Discuss technological progress and innovations in technology cause and effect topics.

  1. Causes of purchasing unlimited mobile phone plans
  2. Pros & cons of using mobile devices in class
  3. Why particular computer games fail: causes & results
  4. The influence of violent video games on the brain of an average teen
  5. Cyberbullying in modern technological world
  6. Why are some social media networks losing their popularity?
  7. How comes modern buyers spend more money online?
  8. Which factors make Google the most popular search engine?
  9. Should everyone in the world have a mobile phone?
  10. Typing with one’s fingers & typing with the help of keyboard
  11. The impact of cell phones on business practices
  12. The influence of cell phones on higher education
  13. The effects of image & video media like Instagram on the interaction between young adults
  14. The consequences of massively switching to Mac computers
  15. Why Android is preferred over iOS: causes & effects

Cause and Effect Essay Topics for College Students

College freshmen will benefit from the list of cause and effect essay topics for college students.

  1. Students who have to live with ADHD or another disability
  2. Students with mental disorders that attend colleges
  3. Students from the United States lag behind the students from other parts of the world when it comes to international testing
  4. College students should be allowed to choose subjects they want to study and decline the rest of the disciplines
  5. Comparing living on a college campus to living in a family
  6. The way college is different from high school
  7. Colleges that fail to educate students the way they should
  8. What was the result of the great migration of tribes?
  9. How does the legalization of abortion influence the society?
  10. Who should be responsible for the high rates of obesity in the US?
  11. Suffragist movement in the United States
  12. Cause & effects of the booming inquisition in Medieval Europe
  13. The collapse of the USSR in the eyes of the world
  14. Effects of globalization in the eyes of women
  15. Baby boomers who achieve retirement age (possible solutions)

Cause and Effect Essay Topics for High School

Explain the relationship between different things in one of the cause and effect topics for high school.

  1. The correlation between standardized tests and dropout rates
  2. Digital books are replacing the traditional literature
  3. Living on an open-school campus: getting ready for the college life
  4. Applying iPhones or Android phones during the classes to improve performance
  5. The effect of massive homeschooling/remote learning
  6. The district with year-round schooling: its advantages & disadvantages
  7. Parents should not interrupt the lives of their children by dictating them what to do in high school
  8. High schools lack the worthy level of physical education significantly
  9. Causes of teachers burning out sometimes
  10. What are the consequences of high school bullying?
  11. How can an average girl become a Prom Queen?
  12. What can one do to improve the quality of meals in the school cafeteria?
  13. Impact of Huns on the European regions in the past
  14. Things that make cancer difficult to cure
  15. Most popular causes of allergy among teens

Cause and Effect Essay Topics for Middle School

Have a look at the list of cause and effect essay topics for middle school students.

  1. Explain the way charter schools influenced education in your native city/town/village
  2. For & against single-sex classes and such subject as Gender Studies (Sex Education)
  3. Wearing school uniforms: fair aspects of this practice and failures
  4. Naming some students more “gifted” than others may harm the feelings of others
  5. Factors that make schools look boring in the eyes of many students
  6. Causes and effects of spending more time with your kids while they are doing their homework
  7. The effect of fine arts on younger students
  8. Causes & effects of the shorter school days
  9. How do the social networks influence relationships between young adults?
  10. Why is it important to run regular hospital check-ups?
  11. Why is smoking harmful to health?
  12. The role of favorite book character in student’s life
  13. Listening to heavy metal music
  14. Switching to modern digital toys
  15. Being overstressed because of the strict teacher

Interesting Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Would you like to offer some interesting cause and effect essay topics to the reader?

  1. The efficiency of attending e-Commerce seminars
  2. Unwillingness to work in particular field after the first failure
  3. Hunting the wild deer in the forests of Canada
  4. People who become maniacs under the influence of movie criminal characters
  5. The way unpopular opinions become widespread
  6. Making nutrition a high school or college subject: possible benefits
  7. Virtual reality to erase the traditional way of life
  8. Investing in cryptocurrency vs. traditional currency
  9. Why are American citizens mean to the immigrants from Mexico?
  10. Where can gambling take an average American?
  11. Non-Western medical treatment vs. American approach
  12. Studying SEO after mastering marketing & content management
  13. The way non-profit organizations influence country’s wealth
  14. Imagine how favorite movie will look like with a different cast
  15. Fighting personal fears in practice (risking your life to overcome a phobia)

Personal Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Here we go with the list of top personal cause and effect essay topics. This online guide will help to learn how to write a personal essay.

  1. A man who used to grow without a father
  2. Poor children become the victims of the rich bullies: causes & effects
  3. Growing up in the rich family
  4. The impact of inadequate sanitation on one’s health
  5. The personal impression from the thriller movie
  6. A personal impression from the Prague Orchestra performance
  7. The role of fast food in my life
  8. Homeless people I have met on my way
  9. Unemployed families and their children
  10. The impact of continuous racism on the Afro-American kids
  11. A friend of a student with some type of disability
  12. Describing a life of a young adult with a mental disorder
  13. Personal religion and political view
  14. View on gender discrimination
  15. Impact of parents’ jobs on student’s career

Simple Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Students who wish to make their life easier would benefit from choosing simple cause and effect essay topics.

  1. Effect of fire forest
  2. Terrorist acts and their role in modern politics
  3. Things that follow marriage
  4. Speedy computerization of humanity
  5. Possible topics related to the traffic jams in New York
  6. Was the impact of sexual revolution significant?
  7. Why did corsets appear?
  8. Why do many people from Eastern Europe move to the US and Canada?
  9. Causes and effects of hunger
  10. Causes and effects of forming the European Union (EU)
  11. Polluting water sources of the Earth
  12. Factors that push people to change their image
  13. Causes & effects of the planes’ delay
  14. Things that justify being late in college
  15. Causes & effects of legalizing prostitution

Easy Cause and Effect Essay Topics: Social Science, Sociology, & Psychology Topics

Dedicate some time to studying these social topics! Each student can find something familiar in this list as well.

  1. Cause and effect essay on divorce: choice of the child
  2. Cause and effect essay on cheating in families
  3. Alcoholism cause and effect essay: disorders this bad habit may provoke
  4. Cause and effect of overpopulation essay: India vs. China
  5. What about covering some global warming essay causes and effects?
  6. What can you say about causes and effects of drug abuse essay?
  7. Cause and effect essay on illegal immigration: the rights of Mexicans in the US
  8. The way young rebellions may resist the system
  9. Wars between cats & dogs
  10. Authoritative political figures and their impact on the community
  11. The role of a child in the modern community
  12. Political parties that pay attention to the social needs
  13. Methods market leaders use to occupy the market
  14. Making friends with criminal authorities
  15. Becoming a registered nurse to serve people with mental disabilities

After exploring this cause and effect essay topics list, remember what we have said in the beginning. Search the web to find more topics. Come up with personal topics to share! If none of these options works, the best idea is to contact professional online academic service where every student can find cheap assistance!