Change Your Final Argumentative Thesis Statement Grade Using Our Tips

Change Your Final Argumentative Thesis Statement Grade Using Our Tips

One’s position on a given topic is known as a thesis. The thesis statement is pretty much like an argument, but it is the main argument of the entire paper.

An argument is a claim which takes a stand on the target topic. The main mission of this sentence is to persuade a certain amount of readers in the author’s point of view. It may be compared to the court’s process when a lawyer is trying to judge a man. Unlike descriptive essay or summary, an argumentative essay is rather aggressive. At the same time, it has to be based on the persuasive evidence. Otherwise, people won’t support your thoughts. In addition, your final grade depends on how well your thesis sentence is structured and supported.

A thesis statement may sound the same way as the main argument of the entire text. For instance, “This essay argues that the movie Suicide Squad is inaccurate in its portrayal of Joker as Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger were the only true Jokers of all time." This argument calls out a series of questions, and that is okay. An argument should arouse many questions and doubts.

A thesis statement should focus on what you'll be talking about, but the rest of your first paragraph (a.k.a. introduction) must explain how exactly you’re going to prove your ideas. A sentence of your introduction should not explain the process or methodology. It should rather prove that your thesis sentence makes sense. In other words, a student must write down the steps to defending his strong argument. If you tell any fact, it might still be an argument. The only thing which distinguishes it from the main statement is the explanation of the claim.

Sometimes, a thesis statement can occupy more than one sentence. In fact, it can be one paragraph long. At the same time, your introduction cannot be longer than one paragraph. A body of your essay or research paper should follow. This part may consist of 3-5 paragraphs.

Evidence made of facts and different examples from the real life must not be included in your thesis. Moreover, it would be a lack in your introduction.

An introduction should help both the author and the reader. In case you’re a writer, thesis statement figures as your action plan. If you’re a part of the audience, a basic claim will give you a clue. You’ll decide whether the offered information will play in your hand, or it may be ignored.

Thesis Statement – An Effective Helper and Counselor


No matter whether your readers are children or grown-ups, the text must be clear to everyone. Your thesis has to be based on the certain blueprint. It assists in:

  • Determining student’s focus and making the ideas clear
  • Providing a hook
  • Stating the evidence
  • Choosing the most relevant sources
  • Developing an original structure

The last thing you should define before start writing is the specific writing style: from APA to Harvard. Find some guides on the corresponding sources.

Refining evidence and arguments

The thesis statement has other roles as well. For instance, this sentence defends your position. Second, it figures as an action plan or mini-outline for the entire study. Third, a basic statement should be repeated in every section of your paper introduction, body, and conclusion) to keep the focus of your readers on the main topic. Next, a good thesis statement highlights all main points. It’s your main interest to have your readers engaged in your paper’s strongest argument.

Start Using These Tips!

You may have your opinion, but when your thesis is supported by these tips, you have more chances to win.

Spend some time to find an inspiration and focus. You should choose some facts that will give your audience a general idea of your position. An old fact should not be the center of your argument – try to include something new in your major statement. What I mean is that, for instance, your paper has to analyze the causes of the Civil War, you may decide to involve events in the South Africa in the thesis statement of your final draft.

Don’t stop looking for a pattern. Once you define a general focus and build your thesis, return and review your evidence once again. Become a serious critique while examining your previously found information.

Approaches to Creating a Perfect Thesis Statement


Sometimes students wonder how the questions-answers paper should look like, and what should be the thesis statement. Well, the FAQ-style essay is really something different from a regular high school or college essay. In this case, you must assert these questions and provide reasons for your ideas. Who knows – perhaps, one day you’ll develop answers that have never been provided by other users.

Types of Thesis Statements

There are two types of thesis statements. A non-debatable one belongs to the narrow category. This is a sentence which simply states an obvious fact. It is something on which all scientists and their studies have already agreed on. So, if your reader is a high school teacher, you can give it a try. In case you are defending a Ph.D. dissertation, you should move to the debatable facts.

A debatable thesis makes every paragraph hesitate. It engages your readers into the harsh discussion. You can operate loud statements that do not make any sense to modern conservative society and then prove each of them. It would definitely five you an “A” for your thesis statement.

Size and Meaning

Any thesis statement should be rather narrative and concise. It means that an argument that you state in your first paragraph should not contain any secondary evidence, process, methodology, and other information which can be contained in the body. Your support should be included in the further parts as well.

Lack of Time

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Revise and Edit!

No one should ignore the process of revision and editing your thesis statement. Paragraph by paragraph and sentence by sentence, students have to make sure that their text does not contain any grammar or spelling mistakes.

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