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Bad College Essays: Top Six Mistakes You Must Avoid

Posted at 03.08.2017 by NerdyMates

You may get a professional application-essay coach or college paper writer to have a personal statement completed according to the standards of your target university. Another way is to use some of the effective tips on writing admissions essays for college discussed in this blog. Make your persona...

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Paper Writing Secrets: How to Work with Your Essay Introduction?

Posted at 02.16.2017 by NerdyMates

Essay introduction is the most crucial part of any academic (and not only) paper. It is the best part to grab the attention of your target audience. It is especially important to learn how to write a great first paragraph in case a student is planning to become a famous journalist, blogger, or copyw...

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How to Write Essay Bibliography in Different Academic Styles

Posted at 02.02.2017 by NerdyMates

It seems that writing an essay is not the biggest deal for the students any longer. Most of the young people confess that most of their problems are associated with developing a bibliography. We would like to remind you that this part reflects the information on the sources used or cited throughout ...

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10 Ways to Organize A+ Argumentative Thesis Statement

Posted at 01.23.2017 by NerdyMates

One’s position on a given topic is known as a thesis. The thesis statement is pretty much like an argument. It is the main argument of the entire paper.An argument is a claim on the target topic. The main mission of this sentence is to persuade a certain amount of readers in the author’s point o...

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Effective Essay Writing Tips on the General Structure

Posted at 01.13.2017 by NerdyMates

The art of essay writing is not too complex when you know all basic rules. High school essay writing teaches students everything they should know about this activity in general. It is recommended to dedicate enough time to your homework school essays as more complex assignments are waiting ahead. Co...

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Why and How to Write an Outline

Posted at 11.21.2016 by Andrew F.

Becoming a paper writing guru requires a long way up the mount of practice, trial, and error. It might seem that some people are born good writers, but this is not completely true: in order to be able to create a successful essay, one should dedicate plenty of time to reading books of different genr...

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How to Write a Good Editorial

Posted at 11.16.2016 by Andrew F.

Editorial writing is a big step up in any writer’s career because it requires unlimited love for research, detail, and exploring new subjects that are not hackneyed but truly inspiring and thought-provoking.What is an editorial? This is an article that showcases a periodical’s opinion on a certa...

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