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Looking for the information about essay writing and performing other writing assignments, want to improve your writing skills and find out some useful tips? You are in the right place at the right time. Read our blog and you will know the steps following which you will be able to write a perfect essay, you will know how to develop an effective thesis statement and how to write your introduction in the way which will make your audience keep reading your paper. We sure that you know about the importance of transition words and here you can find good examples how to use them in different cases, for example, how to use transition words to start a paragraph, how to apply opposition or support transition words, etc. You will find mistakes which you should avoid in order to be successful with your writing papers. We also prepared a list of 20 best writing apps such as Jotter Pad, Ulysses, ProWritingAid, and others which are extremely useful for writers. Hurry up to find all of them on our blog.

Students of various academic levels face different types of essays. Read our article to find out how to write those kinds of essays are more typical for the middle school students, high school students, and college students. We will also explain the structure of this assignment and where to get custom solutions

10 Different Types of Essays Every Student Should Know by Heart

Posted at 04.17.2018 by

Many different types of essays exist: from a descriptive one, which simply describes an object, person, or event, to a research essay, which investigates the chosen problem in-depth with the help of individual study. Every student must realize the importance of writing essays. To improve GPA, every ...

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Are you a student in trouble or a young writer running out of time? In case you belong to the world of creativity, mind these 20 writing apps for Android and iOS devices.

Top 20 Writing Apps for Android and iPhone Young Writers Should Not Ignore

Posted at 09.03.2017 by NerdyMates

HuffingtonPost mentions the US illiteracy rate has not changed during the last decade. It names problems with writing (grammar, spelling, punctuation, & content) among the core causes. On the other hand, mobile app developers continue releasing amazing software to eliminate the problems many writers...

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Avoid these six typical mistakes applicants commit when trying to write an effective admission essay or job resume.

Bad College Essays: Top Six Mistakes You Must Avoid

Posted at 03.08.2017 by NerdyMates

You may get a professional application-essay coach or college paper writer to have a personal statement completed according to the standards of your target university. Another way is to use some of the effective tips on writing admissions essays for college discussed in this blog. Make your persona...

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High school, college, and university students all face times when they are asked to write an essay as the part of their homework – observe tips below to handle it.

Effective Essay Writing Tips on the General Structure

Posted at 01.13.2017 by NerdyMates

The art of essay writing is not too complex when you know all basic rules. High school essay writing teaches students everything they should know about this activity in general. It is recommended to dedicate enough time to your homework school essays as more complex assignments are waiting ahead. Co...

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When you want to create tasty and complete sentences or paragraphs, mind 200 transition words in English to help!

Importance of Good Transition Words

Posted at 11.06.2016 by

Men say that ability to write is a talent; wise men say, however, that understanding of written structures and practice are above all. Let’s s...

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