Roadmap to Creating a Perfect World Peace Essay

Roadmap to Creating a Perfect World Peace Essay

The world is constantly in a state of turbulence and unrest; with many geopolitical conflicts and wars till this day raging in various parts of the world, one can hardly think about a day the world peace will become real. It never hurts to dream, and why not doing it in a great world peace essay? Think about the people living in a future world without conflicts on the basis of religion, ethnicity, political ideas and beliefs, and geographical ambitions.

Fancy nations united in a single effort towards making the human lives on Earth happy and well-to-do… Impossible, you think? The more we speak and write of it today, the more chances are that this dream will work out in future. Let’s compose your world peace essay in the best way to touch the heart of your tutor and make the dream of global order one step closer.

Steps of Writing a Great Essay about World Peace

Where to start to make your world peace essay? Here are the major steps to follow in the process:

  • Pick the topic of interest. Is there any conflict in your country now? Do you have any personal experience with wars and tensions in neighboring states?
  • Study your university’s requirements for the essays of this kind. Some students wrote them before you. There’s no need to invent the wheel.  
  • Develop a good thesis statement. Focus on a single idea and standpoint you will advocate.
  • Search for the latest news and related articles on the subject to include the latest topical data into the essay.
  • Compose your raw draft and read it aloud to determine flaws in logic and strengthen the argumentation.
  • Conduct proofreading and polish the final draft.

By following these steps, you will always get a great essay compliant with all tutor requirements and fitting the initial assignment you received. Mind the algorithm; missing any of the points may cost you some scores.

Sample Essay on World Peace

Here is a sample of what a 1-page essay on this topic should look like:

What can be done to achieve world peace?

The human civilization exists several millennia, if not millions of years, and within all that course of time, people have been waging wars against each other. Some rulers wanted more power and territory; others wanted to extinguish people from other ethnicities or religions. Such persistence in mutual killing is quite surprising and tragic, since talks about global accord and order continue and intensify. So, now it is high time to look deeper into the concept of world truce and to give an answer – what can an individual, a group of people, or a state do to make the attainment of this global dream one step closer?

Experts agree that the crucial first step towards global order is the realization that any war is about killing; it is never about glory and victory, but always about pain, suffering, and death. Once people look at wars from this angle, they may stop unleashing armed conflicts with the ease they do now. The second major point is finding those responsible for global peace achievement and maintenance. Contrary to the usual opinion attributing this function to the United Nations, the USA, or any other body and entity, the sure path to global friendship presupposes individual responsibility for it. Unless people understand that each of them can make a difference, and that individual everyday choices matter, the global peace will remain a matter of dreams and distant future.

Thus, as one can see, global peace is in the human hands, and is fully attainable. The major secret of its successful achievement is to realize the role that every human being plays in this process. Once this is done, people will not look for somebody else to come and save them from chaos and violence, but with unite to work jointly on the achievement of true peace on the global scale.

Essay Topics on World Peace

Knowing the writing steps and viewing a sample does not guarantee a great composition; but what about essay topics on world peace? Here are some ideas to set the process going smoother:

  1. Political movements that can change the world – from destruction to peace.
  2. Countries at war – analysis of the current struggles for power, resources, and rights.
  3. Nuclear disarmament – is this a sign of approximating global peace?
  4. Can representatives of different religions live in peace? Religion as a source of conflict.
  5. Overview of peace cultures and advocacy groups; their potential to bring peace to the world.
  6. Humanitarian interventions: are they a true path to peace or another name for the war?
  7. Is global accord overall possible?
  8. International institutions tasked with maintenance of peace and order – are they effective?
  9. Poverty: is it a major barrier to global truce?
  10. Creative essay: what is the meaning of peace for me?
  11. Terrorism: an innovative challenge to peace. Ways of addressing terrorism to restore global order and stability.
  12. Can one person achieve global peace? Analysis of personas like Nelson Mandela, Dalai Lama, etc.
  13. Can countries that used to be at war forgive each other and coexist in peace?
  14. Peace and freedom: analysis of relationships.
  15. A cause and effect essay: what causes does the world’s inability to achieve total peace?

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