How to Write a Persuasive Essay: Collect, Analyze, & Present Data

How to Write a Persuasive Essay: Collect, Analyze, & Present Data

Did you know that 90% of selling is conviction while persuasion is 10%? Such statistics prove it makes sense to study how to write a persuasive essay.

A person who masters the art of persuading people will be able to build a successful career in any field and build effective relationships. Academic experts decided to assist you in understanding the importance of this type of academic writing by sharing effective tips on preparing an effective persuasive essay outline, choosing persuasive essay topics, and more.

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What Is Persuasive Essay?

“I think the power of persuasion will be the greatest superpower of all time.”
Jenny Mollen

It does not matter whether you know who Jenny Mollen is or not – she was right when saying it. It is time to provide a clear answer to the question, “What is persuasive essay?” It is an academic type of paper, which contains an explanation of a specific topic and tries to convince the reader of the author’s truth presenting it as the most biased and competitive point of view. It contains a logical & valid perspective on the problem.

Professional Tip:

“People often confuse persuasive writing with argumentative one. The main difference is that an author of the argumentative paper has to take a certain position regarding the chosen topic while an author of another type of paper should also persuade the target audience his argument is the dogma. In both cases, the authors have to respect the opposing views. No matter what the selected topic/research problem is, a student should conduct extensive research outside of the class to succeed.”

Prof. Jeremy Walsh, college teacher of Religious Studies & online writer at NerdyMates

The primary purpose of a debatable writing is to make people take the same position regarding a specific topic. Without a credible, relevant evidence, the author’s points will not sound strong enough to ensure the audience. Keep on reading to understand the structure and explore exciting persuasive essay topics!

Persuasive Essay Outline: Main Points

The points listed below stress the important role of a persuasive essay outline.

  • Begin with a clear thesis/controlling point to establish the focus of writing (place it in the last sentence of the introduction)
  • Introduce the thesis after the brief introduction with the hook sentence coming first
  • Develop body paragraphs based on an in-depth research to provide either narrative/descriptive or argumentative points
  • Do not forget to add transition words & phrases to relate the points and make the entire flow of the text smooth
  • Insert counterarguments to present and reject the opposing opinions
  • A conclusion should enhance the central idea. Do not make it repetitive!

Move on to learn how to write a persuasive essay in details.

How to Write a Persuasive Essay: Introduction, Body, & Conclusion

Do you want to understand how to write a persuasive essay in details? Observe the structure of the examples of student’s best works and review 60 interesting debatable topics.

Persuasive Essay Introduction

“Most of the people do not recognize how adverse it can be to apply disposable water bottles in everyday life. According to statistics… In this paper, I am going to prove that people should ban the use of disposable water bottles and burn them to minimize pollution and get rid of the potential threats to health.”

It is an example of the excellent introduction. An introduction to this type of academic writing has 2 primary purposes:

  • Attract reader’s attention from the opening lines
  • Present the topic and reveal the goals of writing

Try to stay subtle if you want to succeed in the convincing writing. Identify the topic, purposes, main messages, sources, and target audience before developing an outline and start working on the introduction.

Persuasive Essay Thesis

Conclude the introduction paragraph with the powerful thesis statement. It is a sentence or two that stress the main idea of the whole paper, which is the author’s primary argument to persuade the audience. Example:

“Darth Vader from famous George Lucas “Star Wars” was not a real antagonist as he had to survive the death of close people, betrayal, and hard political times in his galaxy.”

Persuasive Essay Body Paragraph

Once you stated the thesis, the final sentence of the introduction paragraph, do everything possible to defend your idea. Develop 3 strong arguments to support your opinion. Every new body paragraph starts with the primary idea, and it is followed by the in-text citations and evidence gathered from the primary sources.

Before writing each body paragraph, conduct in-depth research to select the most up-to-date, accurate, and credible facts from the sources like books, magazines, newspapers, websites, documentaries, etc. Do not use Wikipedia or similar sources. Teachers do not grade them as anyone can edit those websites. Any website where the answers provided to the necessary questions are shared by the typical Internet users who are not field experts does not count. In general, the structure of body paragraphs looks this way:

  1. Main claim/argument
  2. In-text citations & other evidence
  3. Transition to the following paragraph

Important note: Do not include more than 3 body paragraphs. Find out how to write persuasive essay made of 5 paragraphs!

Persuasive Essay Conclusion

Many students underestimate the power of conclusion. An introduction should grab the reader’s attention, but a conclusion should leave a positive impression on the reader to make the writing successful.

Begin with the short overview of the arguments and corresponding evidence. Reword the thesis statement, which closes the opening paragraph to stress the importance of everything written in the paper. Do not make a conclusion of more than 5 sentences. Avoid inserting new arguments or evidence in the last paragraph. The only new thing the author can add is his forecast for the future/the way the researched problem may be implemented in the real world. To persuade the reader or encourage him in ongoing research, call him to sign a petition/join a support group if you write a debatable speech on politics, for example.

Quote all the cited sources properly after the conclusion (the list is called Bibliography or References/Works Cited).

Persuasive Essay Examples to Help on Your Way

We have prepared one of the great persuasive essay examples to give an overall idea.

This example has a radio broadcast as one of the main references. A student can use any primary sources that contain a relevant, up-to-date information. Those sources include:

  • Books
  • e-Books
  • Scholarly articles
  • Scientific magazines
  • Academic journals
  • Official reports
  • Movies
  • Documentaries
  • Broadcasts
  • Websites

It is important to check the formatting once you are done. It includes both in-text citations (direct/indirect) & references. A student must check the way each type of source is cited and references before inserting a new entry in Bibliography. Another thing to keep in mind is a specific writing format.

60 Brilliant Persuasive Essay Topics: A Food for Thought

A list of persuasive essay topics will help the students to make their final choice. The experts have divided the top high school & college topics into several categories to make it easier to explore the list.

Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Halo effect: The 1st impression is false
  2. Conflicts are necessary to build stable family relations
  3. Students must be allowed to attend some lectures optionally
  4. Business ethics is an obsolete concept
  5. They should forbid energy drinks
  6. India is a new superpower, more overpopulated than China
  7. The businesses must stop copying what their rivals do
  8. The best way to improve the service is to evaluate the customer’s feedback
  9. Social networks possess a huge threat to user’s privacy
  10. There is no way marijuana can help to improve health condition

College Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Students should stop adding their tutors on various social networks
  2. FBI must control every step of the self-proclaimed “militia.”
  3. Suggested tax incentives for adoption overseas
  4. They should cancel college beauty contests as they decrease students’ confidence
  5. Any student must study minimum 1 additional language
  6. It is time to abolish reliance on English-proficiency tests like SAT
  7. What is the appropriate stipend for college athletes?
  8. Why should we ban in-vitro transplants?
  9. Is remote learning better than traditional education?
  10. Permission from the legal guardian is required to let the teen do tattoos

Persuasive Essay Topics for High School

  1. The importance of equal representation of genders and nationalities in government
  2. Teachers do not have a right to force students to wear uniform
  3. Teachers cannot make students take part in school sports
  4. High school proms negatively influence students
  5. Mobile apps for students help in learning
  6. Teachers should be responsible for the high school bullying
  7. The effectiveness of technological devices in high school learning
  8. Teen magazines deliver inappropriate messages to their target audience
  9. Citizens should follow the Local Food movement by purchasing domestic products
  10. iPads are more useful than traditional school textbooks

Sports Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. College best athletes should be paid
  2. The greatest sportsmen are not always talented coaches
  3. Women should not take part in bodybuilding
  4. Why is it important to forbid violent sports with animals?
  5. Can people treat chess as a separate kind of sports?
  6. Is David Beckham the best football player of his time?
  7. It is impossible to stay 100% healthy without doing some sports
  8. Sports positively affect global culture
  9. Correlation of sports with culture and politics
  10. Why were various types of sports created?

Persuasive Essay Topics about Animals

  1. Human health is more important than animal’s
  2. Keeping home pets is unethical/immoral
  3. Sharks are more friendly than dolphins when properly approached
  4. People who kill animals for fun should go to jail
  5. Monkeys are the most intelligent mammals
  6. People are not the result of evolution from monkeys
  7. Water pollution is dangerous for all types of life
  8. There is no need to ban animal testing as it is beneficial for humans
  9. Deer hunting is illegal
  10. Sacrificing animal for the sake of religion is wrong

Science Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Unstaffed scientific missions are more effective than well-equipped space flights
  2. Mobile devices usage leads to the decrease in the level of concentration & attention
  3. People should massively support the ban on exploiting the Antarctic resources
  4. There are no accurate calorie counts in the world
  5. People with chronic mental issues must be placed in “halfway houses” in the society
  6. Fast food can lead to the Type II Diabetes
  7. Adolescents should get HPV vaccine
  8. Adult stem cells are the way to support power as people are aging
  9. An “obesity gene” us a myth
  10. Women involved in sports cannot get pregnant

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