Effective Essay Writing Tips on the General Structure

The art of essay writing is not too complex when you know all basic rules. High school essay writing teaches students everything they should know about this activity in general. It is recommended to dedicate enough time to your homework school essays as more complex assignments are waiting ahead. College and university students face such challenges as research and term papers, coursework and dissertations. That is why you should be ready.

Except for choosing an attractive topic, the student has to obey the generally accepted essay structure. It is made of three parts only:

  1. Introduction
  2. Body paragraphs
  3. Conclusion

Thus, you just need to know the length of each section. Also, you must learn the role of each part in your essay. Sure thing every student can always count on expert help online, but we recommend memorizing the basic of essay writing for future tasks.

A common high school or college essay consist of 3-5 paragraphs. Five paragraphs are the most usual length of this assignment. It is believed that a student has to observe three points that support the main topic idea. In other words, you have to present three arguments to support your main idea which is expressed in the thesis statement. This sentence usually appears at the end of the first paragraph, introduction, and at the beginning of the last paragraph known as conclusion. The whole idea is to defend your thesis with the help of the evidence.

The evidence is the information students find in the related sources. Mind that you cannot use sources elder than 5 years. You don’t need up-to-date sources only when you talk about stable issues. It can be the order of planets in the Solar System or other things that haven’t changed for ages.

Just follow the standard structure. There are some links that contain good examples of correct essay structure.

Writing in English is very easy as it is one of the easiest languages in the world along with Spanish. Still, you have to be very careful with your grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Moreover, when writing an academic paper, students have to stick to the particular writing style/paper format. There are several writing styles used in academic and scientific writing:

  • MLA
  • APA
  • Harvard
  • Turabian
  • Vancouver

As a high school student, you will most probably deal with the first two styles. However, when it comes to more complex college research papers, new styles appear. It takes a plenty of time to master each of them. Mostly, the ways you insert in-text citations and add references are different.

Steps to Writing a Perfect Essay

Off we go, we would like to talk about the importance of choosing the right topic based on all ideas you have in your head. Let’s say your teacher did not assign a particular topic. Ask yourself a question: “What are people talking about?” You should better pick the most recent ideas discussed in your community. It will increase chances that your teacher will read the entire essay from cover to cover.

Of course, a school essay is not an article in some magazine. It should not be shocking. However, it is a great chance to practice your writing skills. It helps with communication process as well. The common rules of academic writing can be applied to official writing. It would be useful for your future deals. Also, essay assignments enrich your vocabulary. It is especially useful for international students who are studying English as the second language.

So, the next step is to select only one topic out of a pool of ideas. Unless you are writing a compare and contrast essay where more than one object has to be discussed, you cannot write an essay on several topics at a time. Your thesis can be dedicated only to one problem.

Now, it’s time to develop an effective thesis statement. We will share the main qualities of a good essay thesis. While writing, make sure this sentence is:

Substantial – give a claim for which it is simple to response to every reader’s question “So what?”

Supportable – is there enough information on hand to serve as your evidence? You need to make a thesis which does not sound subjective.

Precise – narrow down your thesis from the broad range of interrelated topics. It should give the specific idea without too many details.

Arguable – trivial things are not interesting to anyone. Try to choose the topic which has two sides of the coin. Make sure your essay sounds debatable. This is the best way to engage your readers.

Relevant – if we talk about a specific homework assignment, your thesis must answer the teacher’s question. To remain focused, try to pay attention to such keywords in your instructions as summarize, argue, defend, compare, etc.

More tips on writing essay thesis statement can be viewed at many educational websites, including this one.

Speaking about the Reference page, it is better to start putting down sources from the very beginning. Once you recall any source, mention it on the separate paper. In the end, you will have to arrange this list in the alphabetical order. It is much easier than searching for each source at the last moment.

Now that we’re done with the basics let’s move to the general tips.

General Tips on Writing “A+” College Essay

Unlike college research paper, an essay does not usually require writing extra sections like abstracts or outlines. However, adding a summary in the beginning is a nice way to introduce your topic. This part is called an abstract. You can read more about it here.

The first paragraph of any essay is its introduction. As it was already mentioned, it usually ends up with the powerful thesis statement. You can also enclose your introduction with an interesting question. It will inspire the reader to read to the end to obtain the answer.

Essay Introduction

The very first sentence of your paper is the first sentence of your introduction. The best introduction defines your goal and original voice. It lets the audience understand what you’ll be talking about. You must define the perspective and ways to defend your point of view.

The first paragraph ends up with the main argument known as a thesis statement. It is important to add a hook at the beginning of your introduction. It can be anything: from a smart joke to the famous quotation. You can start writing with the interesting fact or statistics as well. It will make your essay sound more scientific. On the whole, an academic essay should be more serious than funny. Anyway, the idea of the introduction is to grab reader’s attention and explain the main reasons for choosing a particular topic.

The first paragraph provides a mini-outline made of the examples you plan to use to support your point of view. Your structure should be obvious from the first sentence. Try to avoid using passive voice. This rule works for the entire essay.

A free example of good introduction can be found at this writing service.

Writing the Body

There are usually three body paragraphs in any high school or college essay. Students have to include three ideas that defend their thesis and support them with credible information and examples. Each paragraph of your body stands for the separate point.

To share a good example, you may need to cite some sources from time to time. Make sure you do it in accordance with the set writing style. It is impossible to format your paper in several different ways. Thus, if you choose APA, follow its guidelines during the entire writing process. You may read about its basics on the official website.

Apply the strongest argument that you have in the first body paragraph. Leave the weakest argument for the last body paragraph. It can be any argument which is based on your preferences, subjective opinion, or simply lacks evidence.

Remember that even the most vivid examples require context. It means that you have to find the original published source. Mention the exact date, issue, page number, and even line of your quotation if possible. Every argument should be well-grounded. Explain why this particular example proves your thesis. Every boy paragraph must be finished with the sentence which refers to your essay thesis. Writing down too many examples won’t help.

Tie things together without involving wordiness. The number of words is limited to the teacher’s instructions. Don’t try to write things that don’t make any sense. All ideas must be logical and connected. Every first sentence of a new essay paragraph should be somehow related to the last sentence of the previous paragraph. To make your ideas stick together, include so-called transitions. Such words as "furthermore," "moreover," "by contrast,"  and another assist in writing any academic paper. Transitional phrases help to understand where one point ends, and another begins.

Do not give too general information. Essay writing demands more details and specificity. If you ignore this tip, your tutor might think you don’t have a competent knowledge in a certain area. Luckily, there are professional academic writers and editors who will help to avoid wordiness and other problems with essay writing.

Writing a Conclusion

Many college and even university students conduct the same mistake when writing a conclusion, the last section of any essay. They believe that copy-pasting introduction would be enough. However, it does not work as introduction poses questions instead of finding the answers. In conclusion, you should make sure that your plan came into action.

In fact, 4-5 well-crafted sentences are enough for the conclusion. Writing this part is the easiest thing when it comes to writing an essay. Recall your purpose, main topic, and supportive arguments. That’s it. You don’t have to make another essay from your conclusion. The conclusion should also be clearly written as your reader might forget some things mentioned in the body.

The conclusion does not appear on the last page. The last page is devoted to your references! Thus, when you’re done with your essay conclusion, have a look at all appropriate sources used throughout the text. Put them in alphabetical order on the separate page known as Works Cited, References, or Bibliography depending on your preferred writing style.

All you are left to do after adding the references is to check the order of your essay and English grammar. As we can see, essay writing is not a complex process. Usually, it does not require too much time, but students still have to treat every writing homework assignment seriously!