Paper Writing Secrets: How to Work with Your Essay Introduction?

Paper Writing Secrets: How to Work with Your Essay Introduction?

Essay introduction is the most crucial part of any academic (and not only) paper. It is the best part to grab the attention of your target audience. It is especially important to learn how to write a great first paragraph in case a student is planning to become a famous journalist, blogger, or copywriter.

The introduction is the first paragraph of any academic paper. The main functions of this section are to:

  1. Explain what the author is going to talk about
  2. Catch the eye of the potential reader
  3. Persuade the target reader in the significance of the discussed topic
  4. State the thesis

But how exactly should one write an essay introduction which is worth being noticed? How can a typical student receive the highest grade even if the grammar is perfect? The answers to these critical questions can be found throughout the text.

Introduction to the Art of Writing Essay

What you should know for sure is that any writer begins an essay introduction with the draft. You cannot put down the final version from the first time as you may change your mind regarding the arguments or chronical order. Also, it is recommended to put down several thesis statements and choose only one of them – the strongest one. You can view tips for deciding on the thesis at this page.

Sure thing, the first challenge is to come up with the relevant topic. In case you are not assigned the specific topic by your teacher, pay attention to what is recently discussed in the news. Check all up-to-date sources (no older than 5 years). Remember that modern tutors demand fresh, credible sources to be used by their students.

At the same time, your paper introduction should not be overloaded with citations. Narrow down your information to 3-5 sentences in the first paragraph. Do not pay attention to details in your essay introduction, but do not pick too general topic as well. The thesis should be rather precise. The main idea must be obvious.

Remember that the rules of writing an essay conclusion are almost the same as the rules of writing an introduction of any good paper. You must try to make a positive impression on your reader even if you talk about some sad issues. The goal is to strengthen the reader’s experience with the help of your paper.

Basic Principles of Essay Introduction

The first paragraph must act as a bridge between both your essay’s first paragraph and body and reader’s real life and your independent analysis. The conclusion has to point out the importance of the discussed topic.

You have to make a candy out of your paper introduction. Most often, teachers read introduction and conclusion only, so mind these two parts.

As for the details (supportive arguments), this information has to appear in the shape of good arguments in the body of the essay. Usually, there are 3-5 body paragraphs with 3-5 sentences each. On the whole, it is important to remember these two numbers and keep them in your head when writing any paper. When you feel that you cannot write an effective opening paragraph with precise sentences, order affordable help from one of the experienced online writing services.

Of course, if you talk about a serious topic like hate crime or poverty, it seems almost impossible to finish the essay on a positive note. However, the main idea must be discussed in the opening part, so it’s okay to improve the mood of the reader by the paper’s end at least a bit.

It is crucial to follow the rule of the word limit. In fact, there are no strict rules regarding the word count in the essay introduction. Unlike an abstract, which has to tell the summary which is no longer than 1/3 part of the page, you can write a long introduction, but it will have no point. An opening paragraph must represent only the main information not to let the reader get lost.

It is recommended to develop an outline to help with building your big research paper. The examples of great essay introductions and outlines can be found here.

Somehow, an opening paragraph may look like an abstract, but it should not include the entire summary like all arguments or conclusion. Forget about the broad context - gradually narrow down the first paragraph to a research problem, thesis, and hypothesis.

Steps to Creating Strong Opening Essay Paragraph

Pay attention to such important information as steps to writing an essay introduction.

  1. Find a good topic. It must be relevant and debatable.
  2. Know where to find specific sources. You need to use several sources to defend your position, but some of them have to be contradictive. When you display information presented by the opposition, you prove how well you know the topic. Besides, you have to sound objective.
  3. Point out the main idea/lesson of the discussed topic.
  4. An effective essay introduction is a short first part. You may put down several ideas to point to the main one at the end. Make a thesis out of it. Make a reader go through the entire paper instead of reading opening paragraph only.
  5. You need to turn to your plan (essay outline) not to miss the point. It is especially crucial for the body paragraphs.
  6. Follow the generally accepted essay structure.
  7. The introduction of your research paper must lead to the main research question, but you must do it in an interesting way. Insert a citation, joke, or statistics in your first paragraph.
  8. Not only the last paragraph (conclusion) should provide the main points stated in your essay introduction. The discussion should also involve/restate your thesis.
  9. Provide all your readers with the comfortable paper’s organization. Check out the examples and write down your introduction in the similar shape.

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