The Best College Road Trip Games Adults Will Enjoy

The Best College Road Trip Games Adults Will Enjoy

Just ten years ago, there were no so powerful smartphones and tablets we have now. To get entertained durings a long college road trip was a hard task. Of course, music and talks did their job but sometimes it was just not enough. Road trip games is of the greatest inventions of humanity, especially when you are bored along the way.

In this article our experts have gathered the most popular and interesting games a person can have fun with. Check out all the rules and descriptions below. Have fun!

1. While You Were Sleeping - The Best Choice for Sleepy Passengers

Description: When some of your friends falls asleep your task is to come up with the most realistic story.


  • Someone should fall asleep
  • Other people should start creating their stories
  • Every person has its turn to add some new fact to the story
  • Tell the story to the sleeping person when he or she awakes
  • Every person can lose a point or two if they break the character or go off the script
  • In case the sleeping person is convinced, each of you gets three points
  • If the person joins the story, they take all the points on their score
  • The person with the higher score after arrival to the destination point wins.

2. Good Old Guessing Game

Description: Try to guess what a person is thinking about asking them 21 different questions with no transitions.


  • A person starts to think about some particular thing
  • Every passenger asks a question by turn
  • No question should be asked twice
  • The person who guesses correctly starts the next round.

3. Fact or Fiction

Description: Pop culture and news collide for a fun game of fact or fiction. Just like Truth Dare.


  • Every passenger tells a fact fake or real
  • Other people should guess if the fact is true or fake
  • They can ask questions to get more details
  • Every passenger gets points for correct answers.

4. Singing Game

Description: Every person should connect one part of lyrics to another.


  • Someone should start singing a song
  • Another person should continue singing another song
  • Songs should be close lyrically and melodically.

5. Movie Game

Description: Guess a connection between two actors or actresses in a movie.


  • One names a movie star
  • The next passenger names a movie with that star
  • Then the next one names another actor or actress from that movie
  • That is how it should continue until someone makes a mistake.

6. Fortunately or Unfortunately

Description: Show your optimism. Tell what is a positive thing in unfortunate situation.


  • One passenger starts with telling about a fortunate situation
  • The next one tells something negative about that situation
  • Then the next person tells what is fortunate about it and the game moves on.

7. Alphabet Categories

Description: Name various things related to each other by some feature in alphabetical order.


  • Set a category such as cars, genres, bands, etc.
  • One starts with A and everyone goes down the alphabet.

8. The Game About Regional Food

Description: Get a regional food from the region you are driving by.


  • Every time you stop on a gas station you should find a local food
  • One station means one item
  • The food should be not just related but created in this particular region
  • Only original items with no duplicates from other passengers count
  • The person with most originals wins.

9. Counting Game

Description: You need to count without any turns until someone pauses for too long.


  • Someone starts with number one
  • The next person should tell the next number quickly before others
  • In case two or more persons name number at the same time, you start all over again
  • Pause in five seconds is maximum allowed
  • Try to get to some particular number such as 30 or 50.

10. Game of Names or Cities

Description: Connect first and last names of famous people, cities or any other category.


  • Start with a name of a celebrity or city
  • The next passenger should name another name that starts with the same letter the previous word ends with
  • The person that pauses for too long misses his turn or leaves the game.

11. Battle of the Bands

Description: It is the best game to play for two people. You need to pick up the best song by a band.


  • You need to set a category such as “songs about rain” or “love songs”
  • Passengers have to come with a song as quick as possible
  • Consider one minute maximum time frame
  • Each person plays their song to others
  • Other passengers should pick up a winner of the round
  • The person with more best songs in the end wins.

12. Good Old Word Association

Description: The main thing about this game is to get slightly from one association to other.


  • First person names any word they want
  • The next passenger names a word that associates with the previous one
  • The game continues until someone names something out of clue.

13. Cows on My Side

Description: An easy game to have fun and train your attention. You need to look for cows or any other object.


  • Every time a passenger sees a cow (or any other object agreed) they have to yell about it
  • “Cows on my side!” works great but you can take any other phrase you like
  • The more cows you see, the more points you get
  • Also, you get a point if you see a cow on other person’s side
  • You can also steal all other passengers’ points in case you see a cemetary.

Bottom Line

Long road trips often are boring but with a couple of interesting and entertaining games even the longest and hardest road can be fun. And in case you have no fun with your academic writing, our experts know well how to help you out.